Macy's New York City

When scanned, the code directs customers to Macy’s special “Backstage Pass” landing page that offers behind-the-scenes videos of star designers such as Rachel Roy.

Home Depot March 2011

Home Depot partners with Martha Stewart in a nationwide campaign using QR codes. When scanned, the code directs customers product demos, how-to videos, and buying guides.

Remax 2011

Remax uses QR codes to direct potential customers to house listings. This code, when scanned, invites the customer to a seminar.

Lego building blocks campaign

The colourful 3D codes were made by hand and posted on billboards. When scanned, a choice of what the image represented was shown as well as a link to the Lego product.

You can now specify the level of error correction for your URL QR Codes. The level represents the percentage of a QR code that can be obstructed and still scan correctly. A high level of error correction allows you to superimpose an image onto the QR code.

Create your QR codes in color. Click on the Create codes menu item to start. Login or register to add analytics to your codes. Analytics allow you to review the codes that you've created and actually view the number of times that your code has been scanned.

Add password protection to QR Codes. Only users with a valid password are able to scan a protected QR Code. Register today to start generating your own QR Codes.

QR codes are barcodes that are readable using a smartphone. Scanning a QR code from a smartphone is the same thing as clicking on a link, adding a contact or making a phone call.

At Interactive Studios, we create QR codes and enable you to analyse them. While it's great that potential customers are scanning your barcodes, it's even better to know who is scanning them.

The potential to add that extra edge to your marketing campaign is enormous. Not to mention they're fun to use. Sign in to start your very own campaign.